Twist Candy Express

Twist Candy Express

Spread your message with efficiency – print it on our product Twist Candy Express and hand out your message to customers and partners, visitors and stakeholders. The drops are from our own recipe. Your customer will associate the unique and tasty flavor with nothing else but your brand and therefore reinforce the positive experience.

The flat shape of the drop is especially created to maximize the print surface. The cover for Twist Candy Express is made with white cellophane-paper. Choose between four different colors for your print – green, blue, red or black.

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  • Available in low quantities
  • Fast delivery
  • The shape of the drops is optimized for printing

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23,50 € / kg

5 days of production
5 – 100 kg.

Starting fee: 199 €
Repeat fee: 199 €

Same flavors as regular Twist Candy
Durability: approx. 18 months.
Printing method: Thermo-transfer
Paper: white cellophane
Only positive one-color print, choose between blue (PMS 300), red (PMS 186), green (PMS 347) or black print.
Ordered in even numbers of 5 kilo. Packaged in bags of 2,5 kilos in each, approx. 500 pieces per bag.
Transport packaging: cardboard boxes at 10 kilos each.