Trend Tex makes their own Promo Bag

Trend Tex send Promo Bags with their own design in their product deliveries.

Trend Tex gör sin egen Promo Bag

Trend Tex

Trend Tex offer a wide range of hobby-products, sewing kits, handicraft yarns and knitting yarns. Read more about Trend Tex here.

Design the print for your own Promo Bag

We have made Promo Bag small and neat to make sure it fits easily in a pocket. At the same time, it has a large print surface, to make it easy for companies to spread their brands. Trend Tex chose to only print their logo on the bag and keep the existing design as the background. The print surface is not limited, almost the whole bag is available for an individual design. The large print surface makes it possible to print large messages. We do, of course, offer help with suggestions for your design!

The bag is white and can be printed with 4-color printing for the best result. The packaging, which is 80×105 mm, makes it easy for the customer to bring your message home. The bag of candy is something the customer gladly puts in the pocket! Promo Bag is an excellent message-carrier in many different situations. You can for example use it in goodie bags, hand it out at conventions or simply do as Trend Tex and send a Promo Bag along with product deliveries. 

Trend Tex gör sin egen Promo Bag
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Sugar Free

When you are done designing the outside of your Promo Bag, it is time to select what goes inside – the candy. We have many different flavors to choose from, for instance our new product sugar free licorice pastilles. The products that does not contain sugar in our assortment, are marked with the symbol “Sugar Free”.

The fact that many people are concerned about their health is not a novelty. Neither is the fact that sugar is unhealthy. However, we believe that just because you choose to be healthier and skip sugar, you do not have to deny yourself a piece of candy. 

Vegan Friendly

Like products labeled “Sugar Free”, we also have products marked with the symbol “Vegan Friendly”. “Vegan Friendly” means that the product does not contain any animalistic products. It is common for people today to choose to pass on food containing animalistic products.

You can choose to eat vegan for various reasons. For example, it can be for the sake of the animals, you own health or for the environment. How can candy contain animalistic products, you might ask? Candy often contain milk, egg, gelatin or e-substances with animalistic additives.

By offering products labeled “Sugar Free” and “Vegan Friendly” we make it possible for almost anyone to enjoy a piece of candy. Your message will go further with our merchandise candy, and the great taste reinforces your brand.

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