Product media and how to make it efficient

What is it that makes product media an efficient mean of communication? Which elements make product media efficient? Most people have been to conventions and business events. There are, in the heart of the convention, plenty of messages and brand-promises. When the visitor leaves the convention, it is impossible to remember all of the companies, even if many of them were of interest. Therefore, there are lots of components to consider when the message of a company, product or brand is being expressed. Whenit is said is at least as important as where, and perhaps above all, howit is said. 

We who are in the business of product media work constantly with the last question – how. How does a message get conveyed in the right way? The answer is multifaceted and there is not one simple solution, which is mainly due to the fact that each message is unique. A nearly 20-year worth of experience has taught us that there after all are some universal pillars. These must be considered every time product media is made.

Sustainable product media

Durability is something we always consider when we produce our products. Everything from manufacturing to consumption has to be sustainable. This also applies to your company’s message. Convey your message during a longer period of time by printing it on our Tin Can filled with winegum. Simplistic, classic design with a tasty content is often presented in a visible place. Furthermore, the tin can is perfectly suited to be reused by filling it with something else, when the candy is consumed.


Repetition is the key ingredient to make sure your message stays with your customer for a longer period. Your message can be well developed, but that is not enough if nobody hears it. We always keep this in mind, especially when we developed our Cube 7 filled with Quatre Neapolitans. The message is printed on the cube, which you for example can place in the reception. Furthermore, your message is printed on the content, which you can offer many times over. 


To associate a message with an experience is one of the most efficient ways to help your customers remember it. Therefore, we at Bregmos invest as much on the content as we do on the medium itself. We do this to make sure your message is associated with a positive experience in taste. In our assortment you will find Swedish-made, organic quality candy, at a competitive price.