Chewing gum

Chewing gum with a personal print – make sure your customer brings your message with them home 

The large print surface is perfect for you who have a bit more to tell. Since a pack of chewing gum is something most people have in their pocket or purse, it makes an effective product media. Hand it out at conventions and events and we guarantee your customer brings your message with them home. Print your message on our Chewing gum 12-pack and stay with the customer. 

Download our print-templates here.

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  • Large print surface
  • Available in low quantities
  • Popular product media
Standard icon

1,50 € / pc

20 days of production
500 – 5 000 pc.

Please contact us to receive an offer for larger quantities.
Starting fee: 109 €
Repeat fee: 59 €
Fast icon

1,70 € / pc

10 days of production
250 – 2 500 pc.

Starting fee: 159 €
Repeat fee: 59 €
Express icon

1,90 € / pc

5 days of production
250 – 1 000 pc.

Starting fee: 199 €
Repeat fee: 199 €

Durability: approx. 12 months.
Printing method/colors: Digital print, CMYK.
Net weight: approx. 17 g a piece.
The case is 62×106 mm.
Ordered in even numbers of 250 pieces.
Transport packaging: cardboard boxes at 250 pieces each.