Bregmos and Canditator DGC work better together

14thof September we had a visit from Candidator, our IT-supplier and one of our partners. Experiences were shared, and the visit was documented by Micaela Angerheim in an article you can find here.

Johan Wilhelmsson – regional head of Candidator DGC, and Martin Bregmo – CEO and founder of Bregmos, came up with the idea for this meeting early this summer. The companies have, in different ways, contributed to each other’s growth and development. You can read more about the collaboration throughout the years in the article.

– The candy with our logotypeprinted on the packaging has really reinforced our brand. We think it is really fun to hand out something to people we meet in different contexts, something we put a little love in and which the recipient can associate with our brand. The fact that it also is a product with highquality and great taste makes it more fun, says Johan Wilhelmsson, regional head for Candidator DGC.

Candidator has been Bregmos IT-supplier since 2010 when we moved our entire organization to Borgstena. Today, Candidator host our entire service environment. They make sure that our fiber web works like it should. Every year we produce approximately 25 ton of chocolate at Bregmos. With the help of Candidator we can receive our large number of orders. 

In the article published at the website of Candidator you can read more about how our CEO Martin Bregmo started the company more than 20 years ago. An entire summer was devoted to renovating an old pastille box machine from -54 that had been unused for ten years. Thanks to that summer of hard work the first order of merchandise candy which was approximately 150 000 pastille boxes managed to be shipped. That we currently have the IT-solutions from Candidator facilitates a lot of course. Without them we at Bregmos could never have grown into what we are today. We are, of course, very happy and proud of our collaboration! 

Candidator och Bregmos möts
Martin förklarar chokladtillverkning