Bregmos started in 1999 – and we did with a pastille box. Right from the start we knew the value of product media, of communicating a message on a consumable object. Because what type of advertising better fills its purpose than the one the customers put in their bag and bring back home? 

At Bregmos we make merchandise candy. We print the packaging with your message or logotype on it. You can design many of the products in our assortment yourself or choose to place a logotype or phrase on a background that is already finished. Click here to explore or standard products.

We have our own printing house, manufacturing and factory. And of course, we have a large assortment of profiled candy. Our products meet high standard, both regarding content and print to make sure we carry your message all the way from meeting to closed deal. 

Bregmos manufacturing

At Bregmos we produce our own chocolate. We also have our own printing-machines, and we pack our products in Borgstena, Sweden. We take environmental issues into consideration in everything we do, from the energy that heats up our facilities, to the making of our products.

Product media – products with a personal print

Imagine yourself at a business convention. You are there as a visitor. In front of you the great hall spreads out, filled with showcases and representatives from different companies. You do have some preconception about a few of the companies. You do know that some of them are of your interest and that others are not. First, you start looking for the companies that appeal to you the most. But then what? Which one of these companies will you remember? 

Profiled candy – advertisement you consume

When you leave the convention, get into your transport and reach into your pocket or purse for something to put in your mouth you find that pastille box one of the representatives from the fair gave to you. Perhaps you turn on your phone, scroll past some ads in your Facebook-feed and delete boring advertising mails in your inbox. Meanwhile, you put a pastille in your mouth and the box, with the representative’s logo printed on, back in your bag. Our product media is not something that you scroll past. It is advertisement you consume. 

With our focus set on the environment

We only use green electricity in our facilities. We offer certified organic chocolate and pastille boxes.

Our environmental work basically means that we continuously work to reduce and prevent our carbon footprint. We do this, not simply to fulfill the demands from authorities and customers, but to contribute with our part to a sustainable development and to the protection of the environment.

Our environmental work

Our continuous environmental work means that we:

  • take environmental issues under consideration at purchases and production of goods. For example, we use energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible. We also demand relevant sustainability actions from our suppliers.
  • fulfill pertinent environmental laws and other demands regarding the environment in our organization. 
  • inform and educate our personal to increase their awareness about our internal environmental work, as well as motivate them to make active environmental efforts.
  • work to reduce production waste.
  • sort our waste. We recycle the waste that is possible and continuously work to reduce the amount of waste.
  • with knowledge and active contributions will prevent contamination of the environment. 
  • constantly work to improve our environmental work.
  • are prepared for emergencies.
  • work to reduce the carbon footprints from our shipments by:
    • planning our business-meetings in the same area at the same time.
    • coordinating and planning delivery of goods.
    • selecting environmental labeled vehicles and transportation entrepreneurs. 

Bregmos inhouse printing

Currently we have three printing-machines according to the flexo-method. We use water- and UV-based ink which reduces spillage of chemicals to almost nothing. The spillage that occurs is sent to Stena Metall for degradation.